what causes climate change?

What causes climate change?

what causes climate change? This question Came Up to our minds. when we talk about climate change. so here are some major causes of climate change.

1. Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels produce a large amount of carbon dioxide when burned. and burned fossil fuels generate air pollution that harms our health. fossil fuel creates toxic emissions that is One Of the Major cause of climate change. fossil fuels is a one of the main causes of climate change. all other causes are directly or indirectly linked with fossil fuel consumption.

2. Greenhouse Gases

In today’s World. Most Vehicles are running on fossil fuels. That makes transportation the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. Our Focus is on Road vehicles like cars, buses, etc. because they contribute to the largest part of greenhouse gases. But emissions from ships and planes are also a major factor of Greenhouse gases. and is still growing but our focus is fixed on Road vehicles.

3. Food Production

the food production industry is also a major contributor to Climate change.  Use of energy, typically fossil fuels, to power farm machinery or fishing boats, as well as the application of fertilizers and manure to help crops grow. Due to all of this, food production plays a significant role in climate change. greenhouse gas emissions also come from packaging and distributing food by Trucks, planes ships, etc.

4. Construction

Over half of all electricity used worldwide is consumed by residential and commercial Buildings. They continue to produce a sizable amount of greenhouse gas emissions since they use Fossil fuels for heating and cooling. carbon dioxide emissions from buildings have increased every day. as a result of rising energy demand. air conditioner usage has increased for Cooling and Heating. We are also Cutting Down the Forest area for Constructing nig buildings. every year we are destroying millions of hectares of forest. Destruction of forests reduces nature’s capacity to keep emissions out of the atmosphere because they absorb carbon dioxide.

5. Manufacturing & industry Production

Emissions from manufacturing and industry are mostly the result of burning fossil fuels to create the energy necessary to make items like cement, iron, steel, electronics, plastics, clothing, etc. many machines used in the manufacturing process run on coal, oil, or gas. Globally, one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions is industrial & manufacturing Production.

6. Over Consumption

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by changing the way we live, how we use energy, what we eat, and how we move around. but we are doing the opposite of that. we are throwing and wasting too much food. in day to day life we are using too much of electric appliances for even small things. we are using cars, planes, etc. too much for moving from place to place. Our houses are responsible for a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

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