USA GAS cost Sky Rocketed

USA GAS cost Sky Rocketed because Russia Burns Natural Gas

while USA energy costs are skyrocketing.

the most effective way to reduce fossil fuel use is to Subsidize clean energy prices and increase the prices of Fossil Fuels compared to alternatives and encourage people and businesses to switch to cleaner energy and reduce overall energy use. raising the price of natural gas is not the same as raising the price of the carbon dioxide it releases into the atmosphere when it is burned, but it comes close. The beauty of this moment for president Biden is that he doesn’t have to use the political capital to do so. Russias invasion of Ukraine has done it the average retail price of gasoline rises to over $5 a gallon.

All Biden must do is keep it from falling back, subsidize cleaner energy and encourage other countries to invest more on cleaner Energy. this will be Very Good for Our Climate.

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