Climate changes in Europe. Europe is buying coal in 2022 its a big blow on climate change goals?

climate changes in Europe

Climate changes in Europe. Europe is buying coal it’s a big blow to climate change goals.

Europe failed to lead the world on climate change. Europe is switching back to coal power plants. 

Europe is lecturing developing Countries Like India and China about Climate change. but for their own Profit, they forgot about Climate change. if Rich European Countries couldn’t set an Example for poor developing Countries. then How can Europe Expect Developing Countries to Support the climate change Movement? The wave of purchases comes From European Countries despite promises to cut coal consumption. Climate activists have expressed concerns.

Europe is constantly putting pressure on developing countries to cut their Coal Consumption and support climate change. but the same Europe is buying coal and restarting power plants. Do they forget their climate goals? So Many European countries now purchasing coal from South Africa. 

climate changes in Europe

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