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A sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis requires investment ina
green economy, which is the focus of the European Green Deal.By 2030,
renewable electricity could make up 70%of all power generation in

Climate changes in Europe. Europe is buying coal in 2022 its a big blow on climate change goals?

Climate changes in Europe. Europe is buying coal it’s a big blow to climate change goals. Europe failed to lead the world on climate change. Europe is switching back to coal power plants.  Europe is lecturing developing Countries Like India and China about Climate change. but for their own...

USA GAS cost Sky Rocketed

while USA energy costs are skyrocketing. the most effective way to reduce fossil fuel use is to Subsidize clean energy prices and increase the prices of Fossil Fuels compared to alternatives and encourage people and businesses to switch to cleaner energy and reduce overall energy use. raising the price of natural gas is...