4 ways every company can help climate

companies can tackle climate change

there are so many ways to fight climate change. but following these 4 ways every company can help climate

1. say no to Single-Use Plastic

Companies should start eliminating single-use plastics, if they committed to it in 2-3 years they can become zero single-use Plastic.

2. zero waste

The zero-waste aims to maximize recycling, minimize waste, reduce consumption and ensure that products are designed to be reused, repaired, or recycled in nature or on the market.

3. Reduce travel

After Covid, so many companies opt to work from home. It minimizes traveling. and they should encourage work from home. if traveling is important for the company they should use Electric vehicles and encourage car sharing. these small steps can make big changes . 

4. Build a sustainability culture

Companies should Incorporate sustainability into their work culture, it will become the norm, both in and out of the office.

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